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Episode 4
Original broadcast: 00 00 0000
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Series: Series 1
Episode number: 104
Written by: Unknown
Directed by: Darren Bender
Previous episode: Episode 3 (Series 1)
Next episode: Episode 5 (Series 1)

The Fourth Episode to Series 1 of Vids. It originally aired on Month 0, 0000 and was directed by Darren Bender.


This week we got dodgy horror, Elmore Leonard, a coulpe of Hong Kong babes, a bit of pink cinema and plenty of sweat.

Featured Videos[]

Competition Time[]

Question: In the film Jackie Brown. What's the colour of pants suit that Pam Grier purchases?


Memorable Quotes[]

"This is a good hit Stef, what you do is smoke four fags at the same time and i've got ten nicotine patches stuck on my back aswell" - Nigel